Dear Beautiful Soul

Have you ever felt like you were too sensitive and that you don't fit in on this earth? You may have struggled all your life to fit in and don't feel like you belong? That is because more than likely you are a Starseed from the higher realms and dimensions. You were sent to this earth to help raise the vibration and consciousness of the world. Do you feel like you have certain gifts or abilities but also feel confused and lost? Imagine how you would feel and all the possibilities that would open up if you knew what your soul's purpose was and gained the confidence to show them to the world. It took me years of struggling and feeling lost to finally find my path and place in the world. Now I want to help you discover your unique gifts and abilities along the path to discovering your purpose!


“If you feel like you don't fit into the world you inherited it is because you were born to help create a new one.”

― Ross Caligiuri, Dreaming in the Shadows


"Melanie is such a gifted and tuned-in lightworker. When I met her I could feel that she had such a sensitive and strong energy field. That she was so connected and that Spirit wanted to channel through her. I am so happy that Melanie is now working Spirit to guide her soul sisters. I have had a reading from Melanie and it was crystal clear. She was able to easily describe the visions she was seeing and they resonated so deeply. I highly recommend the authenticity of Melanie's work with Spirit!"


-Jessica Reid, Creator of Gifted Experts

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